A road to prosperity is possible with the amalgamated efforts of all concerned and that culminates into a unique prosperous outcome to be cherished for years to come. This is the dream of one and all at Delhi Public School Mahendra Hills, Nacharam, Nadergul, Aerocity, Santoshnagar (Feeder School Of DPS Nadergul).

We ascertain our students become conscientious ecumenical citizens giving prime paramountcy to the bulwarking environment, community service, ethical values, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and commitment. The opportunities galore are provided uniformly to be explored, learned and perpetuate to aspire to be prosperous.

Students need to acknowledge that communication is the gateway to a world of erudition, culture, and the key to participating ecumenically. To make it is the authenticity of the state of the art infrastructure setting international standards has been provided. The Language labs, studio rooms, online teaching, and endless digitalization have paved the path. Be it ramps to health facilities, sports arenas with new Football and Basketball grounds added, auditorium, rock-climbing, rifle shooting, counseling, and career guidance also adding new subject options the list goes on.

The technology has also taken a step forward in all spheres of education both in classrooms and outside. A balance of academics, sports, values, leadership qualities, communication skills, and value for time will all lead to creating successful global honchos.

The values our students imbibe both in school and at home have to sync to bring out the best and to strengthen their critical sensibilities. The platform is yare, the challenges are awaiting to endeavor, the options are numerous, vocations are integrating up year after year. The research done by the members of the management in the field of education has proven that ‘Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance and therefore there is always scope for growth.’

Years of nurturing has brought in laurels at Santosh Nagar and Nacharam, and the peregrination perpetuates to spread the ultimate message of inculcation with the additament of our incipient branch Nadergul. The experienced expert staff with profound training during induction ascertains the implementation at each branch on a homogeneous note. The quality control has been the key factor in ultimately grooming our teachers and students to be yare to face the challenges and settle with nothing less than carving a niche for themselves. Our ultimate aim is to optically discern our DPSites spreading their wings in all directions and make a difference to the world and in the world.

“I believe that education is like an instrument. Whether that instrument, that device, is used properly or constructively or differently depends on the user….” – Dalai Lama

I, the Pro Vice Chairman of DPS Santosh Nagar, congratulate the principal, staff, students and all the parents for wonderful results and spreading the message of SERVICE BEFORE SELF at all levels.

M. Komariah

Pro Vice Chairman

Delhi Public School

Nacharam | Nadergul | Aerocity | Mahendra hills | Santosh nagar

Being the director of DPS Santosh Nagar, it gives me immense pleasure to see our school endeavoring to do its best in sculpting the child’s convivial, emotional, physical, aesthetic and astute personality.

DPS Santosh Nagar dream to provide an opportunity for every child in unfolding their capabilities. It is our earnest endeavor to involve 100% of students in sundry school programs like Annual Days at different calibers, DPS Spectaculum, etc. so that the child sheds nonessential inhibitions and does the best.

Understanding the dynamics of globalization, we are sensitive to the technological metamorphosis of the teaching-learning process. We are striving towards greater heights with the teamwork and concerted efforts. We have made a prominent mark for ourselves in the field of academics, sports, and co-curricular activities. It is the collective and individual contribution to achieving this milestone with a great sense of gratification and fulfillment.

The unique and resplendent campus is the backdrop for a school determined to have a profoundly positive impact on the personal lives of its students as well as assuring a great inculcation. We are fixated on being a student and learning-centered school that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be prosperous as modern ecumenical citizens.



Delhi Public School

Nacharam | Nadergul | Aerocity | Mahendra hills | Santosh nagar

Dr. T. SUDHA is a triple post-graduate and a doctorate in education. She is accredited as a Global teacher, Diploma holder from Cambridge University for teacher training and certified from Harvard University in “Differentiated instruction in English language”.

She is an awardee of “National education excellence” and “Best teacher”. She is a member of All India Education research association and All India Teacher association.

She is on the resource panel of experts at premiere institutes and conducted Trainings for principals and teachers of colleges and schools at Delhi and Telangana.

She is a forefront researcher, new project initiator and presented several papers at the National and International seminars and colloquiums.

She published several academic, administrative, and teaching learning training manuals for resource centers.

She has worked in various capacities as a teacher, administrator, trainer, Education officer. Dr. Sudha is a researcher, and a Volunteer counselor for CBSE and Manodarpan.


Academic Director

Nacharam | Nadergul | Aerocity | Mahendra hills | Santosh nagar